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9mm Handguns for Sale

Almost all 9mm handguns are pistols as opposed to revolvers. There are a wide variety of makes and models. They range from the earlier models, such as the Smith and Wesson model 2 to the modern Glocks. When either selling or buying a 9mm, there are several considerations to consider. First of all, one has to consider what will be the anticipated use of the weapon. As a weapon for personal defense, the 9mm is good. For security or police work, a larger caliber such as the .45 caliber Glock is better.

It is helpful but not necessary to know to whom one is selling or buying. A trusted friend is best but short of that, try to buy a gun only after testing in first. If it is a friend, they will probably trust you as you take it out to a gun range. Notice if the action is slow or if the 9mm jams easily. Look for excessive wear or a loose fitting slide. The spring action must be firm and one must look for loose front or rear mounts. Be sure that the gun has good balance and is not front heavy. Make sure there are no pits in the barrel.

The best brands are the oldest, such as Smith and Wesson or its Brazilian subsidiary, Taurus, Colt, and Ruger. Others are also reliable. These have a tradition for quality in engineering and design that has stood well over the years. They can also be counted on for quality replacement parts.

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