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The Beretta line of rifles and shotguns was established in 1526 by Bartolomeo Beretta when he manufactured some arquebus barrels for the Arsenal of Venice. They grew to be one of the most respected arms manufacturers in the world. To this day the Beretta Company is passed down from father to son.

Beretta shotguns use the inertia drive operating system and it is very reliable.  Some shotguns have a trigger unit, detachable in the field. They also sport a left-handed crossbolt that is very reliable but gives a rather clumsy appearance. The Baretta 682 is well known in competition shooting. It sports a great over and under arrangement that is one of the best.

Another line is the AL391 Urika, a semiautomatic shotgun that holds a three shot internal magazine and one in the chamber. Technically, it is a self-compensating gas driven recoil system. That means that it can automatically adjust to shells with different loads, an advantage in competition shooting. It cycles the action reliably while using different shell sizes while minimizing recoil.

The Beretta Extrema 2 is the latest in the famous line of shotguns. Beretta excluded as many O-rings and springs as possible for less wear and better field-strip capabilities, then made it a gas-operated action instead of an inertia driven one. The over-bored barrel design is another advantage that reduces muzzle jump and improves the overall shot pattern. They also put a hydraulic shock absorber into the gun’s stock for up to 44% less recoil at the shoulder.

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