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Best Concealed Carry Pistol

The best concealed carry pistol is a bit of a misnomer. That's because it is a question of personal taste. One person may prefer a revolver; another may want a pistol, a third a derringer. There are many small, unobtrusive handguns of all three varieties that people prefer. Another consideration is the price. There are excellent handguns that are offered at all price ranges. Still another point to consider is whether the owner wants a larger or smaller cartridge gun. Do they want to stop a threatening person, or just scare them off? All these questions must be addressed before one can find the best concealed handgun for themselves.

Of the pistols, many prefer a cheap Saturday night special. They tend to be small caliber pistols with a magazine that carries only five or six shots. The .25 caliber seems to be very popular, with the .22 caliber and the .32 caliber not far behind. On the other hand, many people prefer the Taurus ultra-light .38 caliber revolver because of its small size, light weight (17 ounces), and it has no safety and only a cylinder opening button to think about.

As far as a semi-auto with a larger caliber, many prefer the Kahr K40. It is a .40 caliber semi that is both small and light making it ideal for a concealed carry pistol. It will fit in about any holster configuration, including shoulder, hip, or ankle holsters. They are easy to load, use and fire and can even be discreetly be stored in a jeans pocket.

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