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There are various ways to acquire cheap ammo, yet still reliable. One is to reload your own ammo. There are several kinds of reloading kits, but they generally fall into two categories, the single cartridge reloaders, and the multiple cartridge reloaders. Both deliver quality reloaded cartridges but the multiple reloader is faster, although more expensive up front. Both, however, cut the cost at least in half from what can be purchased in the stores.

On the other hand, manufacturer’s loads can cost more, but they are usually more reliable. They avoid the occasional problem of loading a primer that doesn’t fire because it’s not seated right. These store bought loads can also be quite cheap in that they use practice bullets called wad-cutters or semi wad-cutters. As the bullet is the most expensive component of any cartridge, the wad-cutters actually cut down on the amount of “lead” in the bullet while still achieving good accuracy in target shooting, which is what they are primarily used for.

A third way to acquire cheap ammo is to look through the want-ads and make deals for whatever is offered, or to go to gun shows. Both places present the opportunity to dicker over prices, especially when the gun show is winding down and the person hasn’t had a decent weekend of sales. But through whichever method the ammo is acquired, the main thing to remember is to never giver up on quality. That is a more important consideration than price no matter what.

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