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Glock handguns are very popular around the world. Their popularity is attributed to a number of factors. First of all, they are very reliable, and function well under extreme conditions. The simplicity of the Glock design explains much of the reliability factor. It has about half the components of a normal handgun. That makes it easy to repair and maintain. Then, their polymer frame makes them lighter thus easier to carry than normal handguns. Also, there are no exterior controls such as levers or manual safeties. The steel components of a Glock are treated with a nitriding agent that increases the surface hardness and thus it resists wear more than other handguns. They are so popular, in fact, that major arms manufacturers, such as Smith & Wesson and Walther are manufacturing their own polymer type weapons.

Golck was founded in 1963 as a manufacturer of curtain rods before diverting into arms manufacturing in the 1970’s. The Glock 17 9 mm came out in 1982 for the Austrian Army. Norway soon followed, then others. In 1985, Glock Inc. was established in Smyrna, Georgia. They expanded in 1990 by manufacturing a pistol that fired the Smith & Wesson .40 caliber cartridge, beating S&W to the punch by being the first to sell a pistol that used their own cartridge.

Another innovation of the Glock is the use of a striker instead of a hammer with a firing pin. The firing pin is connected to the hammer which is connected to the spring in a normal handgun, but in the Glock, the striker is directly connected to the spring, making the hammer unnecessary.

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