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Gun Building Kits

One must be aware that all gun building kits are not the same, and one must be mechanically inclined. One of the most important considerations is the ease of readability and understanding of the assembly instructions. Sometimes they are not only confusing, but can be hard to understand if the spelling and grammar are lacking. Be sure to check the parts for burrs or other manufacturing defects. Also check to see if any parts are missing.
Most gun kits are for blackpowder antique rifles. The purchasers want to go back to times when simpler arms were used. The 50 cal. Hawken is a common rifle kit. Blunderbusses can also be purchased in a kit. That is for the simple reason that no one makes a finished product anymore. Mountain man gatherings are common out West and in Alaska, and these kind of guns are very popular.
However, antique guns are not the only gun types that are built from a kit. Certain handguns like the Smith and Wesson model 317 .22 kit gun is also available, among others. If the assembly directions are followed assiduously, there is every reason to expect in a quality product.

It is even possible to build sub-machine guns. The Suomi M-31 is legal and fully functional as is the Yugo M-56. Both are BATF approved and of reliable quality. Negative press aside, these guns provide a great deterrent to crime by putting law-abiding citizens on the same footing as criminals, who are able to get all kinds of automatic weapons.


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