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Gun safes may be divided into two general types, handgun safes and long gun safes. The difference is found in the prices. Long gun safes are much larger, take a lot more steel and are therefore much higher priced. A handgun safe, however, can easily be placed on a person’s lap.

Some safes are made to be invisible being perched behind a picture or other object. Others look like a stand up safe with an expensive locking mechanism. Some have a keyed entry, others feature a combination keypad, and still others tout a biometric entry system. A biometric entry system usually consists of a fingerprint scanner, although eye scanners are available. The fingerprint scanner ensures that only the person whose fingerprint is on record may open the vault. They are very reliable.

Wall mounted safes offer extras. For instance, they can have a protective interior with a light, a low-battery system with rechargeable batteries, they can be easily programmed and be easy to program. They can even come in stainless steel and have hidden compartments. And they are, of course, fireproof.

The main argument against gun safes is that they make access to one’s guns, in case of an emergency, problematical. When burglars force themselves into a house, there are often just a few seconds for a person to get their guns for protection. And if the gun safe is in another room, maybe even in a room cut off by the invaders’ presence, then one has no protection. They do, however, provide protection for curious children. So it’s a trade-off.

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