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Gun Auctions

Gun auctions can be instigated from a number of sources. Most often, they consist of three distinct kinds. The first is the private gun auction where one or more people get together to sell their firearms and ammo. Sometimes that happens at a gun show. The second kind is the police auction. As a corollary to this, state fish and wildlife officers will also auction off guns confiscated from poachers and game law violators. Even the Post Office occasionally conducts firearms auctions at the regional level to get rid of guns accumulated from unable to deliver packages, or from being lost or damaged in transit and then being paid off by insurance companies. The third is the going-out-of-business auctions gun shops conduct. Of the three, the police auctions are the most stringent. They go out of their way to ensure that guns don't get into the hands of criminals. But big bargains can be had at any of them.

Many of the participants at gun auctions are dealers themselves. They go to increase their inventory. In many cases, new guns are auctioned as well as used. Auctions are usually conducted by an auctioneer with a crowd, but sometimes they use a sealed bid type of arrangement. An estate auction that offers guns as a sidelight of the overall auction can be a good place to pick up cheap guns, because these auctions seldom attract many gun buyers. Even at larger gun auctions, the cheaper, more common type guns can be acquired quite inexpensively.

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