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Pros and Cons on Gun Control

The gun control people use a lot of rhetoric but few facts in their attempts to pass gun control legislation. They often state that there would be less crime if guns were outlawed. But the facts say otherwise. Britain and Australia outlawed guns in the past fifteen years, and now it’s hard to conceal the fact that crime has risen in both countries, despite their strict ban on guns. One can say with confidence that the crime rate in both countries has risen precisely because they outlawed guns. The reason is simple.

People who have a disposition to commit crimes are not deterred by gun control laws. For instance, there was a gun ban in place on the Virginia Tech campus, but the young man who killed so many people didn’t bother to observe the law. Why didn’t he obey the gun ban? Because if a person is willing to kill, they are also willing to break any other law. If some people had been allowed to carry guns, he would have been shot down before he killed very many people, but the gun ban only stopped those who obey the law. So gun laws disarm only law abiding people, and leave crazy people armed.

If banning guns resulted in less crime, then how do you explain Kennesaw Georgia? In 1982, Kennesaw passed an ordinance requiring each household to own a gun. There were some exceptions to this, but most law abiding folks acquired a gun, and guess what? Crime went down in Kennesaw from the very day they passed that ordinance. Crime has stayed low there, even as the population went up, from that day to this.

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