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The Ruger line of firearms was reliable, but looked cheaply made, at least in their revolver lines. The trigger mechanism seemed to look like a stick and it had an uncomfortable pull. The small surface area of the trigger plus the hard pull caused the trigger finger to hurtThese days, ruger has gone beyond that and makes a full line of revolvers, pistols and derringers.

Bill Ruger made his first handgun, a .22 caliber pistol in 1949. He wanted a simple, reliable pistol that could be used for plinking, target shooting, camping and small game hunting. It also had to be affordable. Some of their most popular lines are the P series and the Mark I, II and III pistols, and the Vaquero and Bearcat revolvers. Bill Ruger suffered a financial setback when he suggested that no gun should ever have more than ten shots in its magazine, for which he had to endure a strong boycott of his guns. He died before the public started buying his products again.

Ruger Firearms is the best known division of Sturm, Ruger and Company which also controls Ruger Golf and Ruger Investment Castings. Bill Ruger teamed up with Alexander Sturm in 1949. Ruger made a hit with his first pistol, a take off of a Japanese "Baby Nambu" pistol, a well-known handgun from World War II. He modified that pistol into the Mark I, the Mark II, and the Mark III pistols that are still sold world-wide to this day. His handguns are used by sportsmen, military and police agencies worldwide.

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